Effective Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Furnace

It is cold outdoor and your furnace is left to function overtime. After using it for some time, perhaps you are quite hoping that it’ll last for the next winter. Unfortunately, furnaces usually last only 15 years before they will be required to substitute them with a new one. Moreover, just similar to any main appliances, your HVAC systems also requires to be properly maintained to minimize the danger to unexpectedly break down. But if you want to extend the total lifespan of your furnace, keep on reading this article as we discuss to you some of the helpful tips to do so: 

Make sure to have your home insulated properly 

Sadly, heat can exit through your attics, chimneys, doors, windows, and even on the gaps among your floorboards. Not only heat loss will dry out your wallet, but it can also make your furnace to work more than they are supposed to do to keep up a comfortable temperature. Keeping your house comfortable and warm without the need to place additional strain on your furnace is one of the greatest things to do. Aside from that, you can also keep your house warm all throughout the season by sealing all the air duct leaks, walls and window frame cracks, and incorporating a few insulations. 

Upgrade your thermostat 

If you own an old analog thermostat in your home, then, you might as well think about upgrading it into a modern and programmable version. Outdated thermostats are not that precise compared to the advanced and newer models, which causes your furnace the need to work harder just to keep up the indoor temperature that you prefer.  

Change your air filters often 

A lot of property owners fail to change their air filters almost as frequently as required. Not only dirty air filters could result in bad air quality within your property, but there’s also a possibility that they can harm your furnace. Once you have dirty filters, your furnace will be urged to work double-time to regulate airflow, which can cause your system to shorten its lifespan. One of the most cost-effective and the easiest things you could do to keep up your HVAC system would be to regularly change your air filters. The majority of filter companies suggest every homeowner change the filter after every 3 months. However, a filter’s life would still be dependent on your home’s condition. For instance, if you have smokers or pets in your house, you really require to change your filters more frequently. 

Book an HVAC checkup every year 

You should never neglect the needs of your HVAC systems, particularly your furnace before it’s too late. A yearly inspection and a bit of preventative upkeep could immediately detect problems. This way, you can prevent the need to have costly repairs along the way. 

Have your air ducts cleaned by the experts 

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